Monday, August 13, 2012

Switching back to WordPress..Hope to see you there!!

I've been debating over the past few days about switching back to WordPress. Being a mommy to two littles under 3, I rarely even have time to do things like shower, or dishes..let alone blog.

The only way I make this possible is by sleep depriving myself and also, updating from my android. However, after switching to blogger, which I thought I liked, I am realizing it's actually been more difficult to keep up because I can't work on posts during down time, like when I am nursing the baby, or hiding in the closet from my know, typical "quiet times" at our house. :)

So because the blogger app sucks, back to WordPress. As we all know, there is not a Google friend connect option over at WordPress, but I will have the option to subscribe by e-mail or RSS feed, whichever floats your boat.

Also changed my blog name in the process....don't ask, I mean, if you (my two followers, lol) know anything, it's that I have a TERRIBLE time making up my mind! lol :)

Anyhoo, hope to see you there!